Kaseya+DattoSecurity & Compliance Series


June 20, 2023

Florida Aquarium | Tampa, Florida






Join us on June 20th for Kaseya+Datto's Connect Local Cybersecurity & Compliance Series at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Florida. This jam-packed event will include insights from the industry's most impactful solution providers, cover the crucial role of IT Service Providers in stopping cybercrime, and more. Stick around for the fun as we take our networking happy hour to sea for a two hour cruise where you'll enjoy drinks, sunshine and even spot a dolphin or two if you're lucky!

Keynote Session: New Threats Require New Strategies

Mike Semel, CEO & Founder of Semel Consulting

Overview: Threats are coming from new directions, and they aren’t all technical.

Customers and business partners are including cybersecurity requirements in contracts and are sending long questionnaires demanding details. Business relationships are at risk. New regulations from the Federal Trade Commission, HIPAA enforcement, the Department of Justice’s Cyber Fraud Initiative, and more state laws require record-keeping and documentation so you prove your compliance and are prepared for an audit, investigation, or a lawsuit.

Cyber insurance is worrying everyone from Chief Financial Officers to the Board of Directors. They want to make sure your organization is insurable and that your policy will pay off if needed. All while the average downtime from a ransomware attack has grown to 21 days, even though backups can be recovered faster than ever. The long downtime is caused by insurance companies, forensic investigators, and lawyers delaying recoveries so incidents can be investigated, evidence can be collected, and data and systems inspected to make sure they are safe to bring back online.

But there is hope.  Cybersecurity, compliance, and business continuity expert Mike Semel will show you risk management and cyber resilience strategies and tactics you can implement right now to protect your data, your organization, and your career. Old strategies aren’t good enough anymore. We will give you actionable advice and a checklist you can follow to bring your IT and cybersecurity programs up to current standards. We want to guide you to success and help you stay there.

Educational Sessions

Stay ahead, every step of the way. Our experts will provide actionable insights and equip you with the necessary tools and incident response framework to protect both your clients and your own business.

Networking Opportunities

We will provide lunch for all attendees, as well as the opportunity to discuss all things cybersecurity with other MSPs over drinks on our happy hour networking reception cruise &  excursion.


Product Knowledge

Solution specialists are experts in optimizing your stack for max efficiency. Stop by with questions, get answers, and gain insight into additions that will enhance your existing suite of offerings.

Technical Insight

Our CSEs understand the nuts and bolts of every solution in your stack, and will be present on-site to make sure you are getting the most out of your products. Have a question? Just stop by and ask! 

Billing Expertise

Automate and streamline your billing with the help of our K1 platform


Why attend a Connect Local Event?

Will definitely be back...


of the attendees polled stated that following their experience at the Local Miami event, they were VERY LIKELY to attend a future local event. 

- Partner Feedback Survey, Miami Gardens

Everything was amazing...

"Everything was amazing. This was my second event and I can’t wait to come to more. Thank you for putting on a great event. Happy be a datto + kaseya customer."

- Attendee, Connect Local Los Angeles

Great Networking Opportunity...

of the attendees polled 

This was my first local, the content was helpful and it was great meeting other MSP owners. The events allow us to build stronger relationships with MSP's in our territory. 

- Attendee, Connect Local Washington DC


Hear from our expert speakers, including:

Thomas Jones, Director GRC, Kaseya

Thomas Jones has served as Kaseya's since March of 2022. Prior to that, Jones spend more than two decades with the FBI, across all programs that had to do with cyber threat actors and foreign threat actors. He is also a US Military veteran.

Mike Semel, CEO & Founder of Semel Consulting

35-year IT industry veteran; Hospital & K-12 School District Chief Information Officer (CIO); IT solution provider business owner; certified in HIPAA, Compliance, & Business Continuity Planning; nationally-recognized compliance consultant, speaker, and HIPAA courseware author.

Kirsten Bay, CEO Cysurance

Kirsten Bay brings over 25 years of experience in risk intelligence, information management, and policy expertise across a variety of sectors. In the last 6 years, Kirsten has been the CEO of big data and cyber security companies, leading the strategy and development of next-generation analytics and attack detection technologies. Throughout her career, Kirsten has been appointed to congressional committees developing cyber policies, initiatives and recommendations for the intelligence community and held executive roles at Cyber adAPT, Attensity Group, and iSIGHT Partners.

Nadir Merchant, GM & CTO, IT Operation Suite, Kaseya

As General Manager, IT Operations Products, Nadir Merchant leads product strategy and delivery for Kaseya’s IT Glue, myITProcess, Autotask and ConnectBooster. He is also Head of Product for IT Complete, which ensures all Kaseya products are workflow integrated to work together seamlessly, and Kaseya One, which radically transforms the way IT is done with its role-based single pane of glass. As a leader for IT operations products and a respected engineer, Nadir brings to Kaseya a history of technical leadership and software development experience that complements his enduring passion and keen eye for superior customer experiences. He has a knack for systems thinking and excels at driving operational efficiency and engaging teams. His vision is to empower MSPs and IT teams to execute tasks more efficiently and increase productivity.

Corey O'Donnell, VP of Platform Marketing, Kaseya

Corey O’Donnell is Kaseya’s Vice President of Platform Marketing, responsible for communicating and evangelizing Kaseya’s IT Complete platform to the world. A self-proclaimed “geek who can speak”, Corey has dedicated his entire career to fusing form, function, and messaging into compelling technology solutions. Whether as the full-time creator of CenterMark, a digital marketing platform, or as a consultant developing strategy and messaging for a variety of technology companies, Corey has a history of crafting solutions from concept to market success.


Tuesday, June 20th, 2023

Join us for check in at 12:00 PM noon local time for a quick registration and lunch, provided for all attendees. After lunch, we'll kick off the day's sessions before rounding the afternoon out with the networking reception at 5:30PM.

State of MSP Security Landscape

New Threats Require New Strategies

Peer Insights Session 

Sponsor Spotlight: Flexpoint / CloudRadial

Quote to Cash Fast-Tracked

IT Complete Vision

Product Spotlight

Networking Reception & Happy Hour Cruise


Our expert speakers and sponsors have the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve in the evolving security landscape.

Attendees receive exclusive event-day offers, swag, and even a chance to win a $300 gift card.

The Florida Aquarium701 Channelside Dr, Tampa, FL 33602